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Pastor’s Report


Days after the greatest SuperBowl of my lifetime, the KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes released an amazing video. In it, he showed scenes from his childhood, and this season, about the hard work it takes to win in life and Superbowls. In the middle of the season, Mahomes was injured and dislocated his knee cap. Everyone thought the Chiefs’ season was basically over. But He came back…not only to finish the season, but also to lead the Chiefs from behind by 10 to winning by 10 in the final half of a quarter. The title of his video? “Comebacks > Setbacks.” (greater than)

As I’ve reflected on this past year, it feels like we’ve had many setbacks. Some seen, some unseen. We’ve been setback financially by depleting our savings on a new roof. We’ve been setback numerically and emotionally through deaths, and hardships. We’ve journey through many difficult, hard, and bizarre things–as individuals and as a church family. I’ve never had a year quite like it in ministry. Setbacks have felt like the norm. But, as Mahomes demonstrated in his video, comebacks are greater than setbacks!

Now let’s talk about how we’ve come back! First, you will hear about many of our comebacks through the reports that follow. In discipleship and worship, we’ve talked about what it means to be the church. We’ve studied the minor prophets. We’ve talked about finances, and relationships. We’ve talked about being IN IT TO WIN IT. We are exploring and teaching what it means to experience life WITH God. We’ve started new Bible studies. We’ve blessed multiple families within our community. We’ve baptized people. We’ve had some great special services including Rest in His Presence, “Come, See!”, Ash Wednesday, and Christmas Eve. Through it all, God seems to be giving us a great motivational speech, pumping up his team on the sideline. Comebacks are greater than Setbacks.

Though it sounds odd, our worship times are enhanced by the new seating arrangements. From my perspective, you mingle more with each other and it is much easier to preach the way the seats are now arranged. Our worship times continue to improve musically, with rich, powerful songs and videos and more people are stepping up to help us as musicians. There is greater freedom in our worship. Our numbers have averaged about 42 for the year. Lower than a couple of years ago, but still steady, considering the number of loved ones we’ve lost.

We cannot sit on the bench and be content with moving a yard or two forward. We have got to create a comeback. We need to score. We need to want more of God’s power. More of God’s presence. More of God himself. We have good news to share. We need to have touchdowns with a younger generation that desperately needs the good news of Jesus!

We continue to show improvement in our financials and our facilities. God is gifting us in both areas, and I am so grateful. Let’s not stop here. We can faithfully use our facilities to point people to Jesus and draw them to him.
One of the greatest comebacks I feel like we’ve had this year is implementing a better discipleship system and emphasis. We’ve trained others to disciple well using the website. People are using this tool to teach others how to a) trust God, b) honor God, and c) help others in their pursuit of God. The mission of Jesus to make disciples must be our mission. Are we each making disciples who will make disciples?
Recently, I’ve begun to take a deep look at who we are currently, where do we want to go, and how can we get there? I’m taking courses. I’m reading books, Scripture, and asking God to diagnose our condition. When Patrick Mahomes went down in the middle of the season, there was a lot of speculation. How bad is the injury? What happened first was initial diagnosis. And then more extensive diagnosis—discover what is going on, and fully understand it. With that in mind, many of you will be getting (or have already received) a link to a survey created by my guide in creating a comeback. If you don’t have email or internet, please let me know, and I’ll gladly give you a paper copy. Please complete it in the next two weeks to help us improve. But, I’m not only trying to discover more about us as a church, I’m trying to discover more about our culture and the people that are moving in. What are millennials doing and using? What are their needs and how can the gospel address those needs?

After discovery, we move to discerning. What needs can we meet? What are our strengths? How can we best serve our neighborhood? What’s the best path? From there, we must decide to do what it takes to reach the next generation, and then do it, based on our strengths.

Why? Because a comeback is greater than a setback! We can see our age, our numbers, or so many other things as a setback. But the season—the game—is not over yet. Too many of us are hanging our heads like we’ve lost. But we haven’t. We can’t quit and hang our heads. We must stage a comeback. One play at a time. One Sunday at a time. One Bible Study at a time. God is the God of comebacks. Ask Joseph in the Old Testament. Ask Moses. Ask David. Ask Paul. Ask Peter. Most important, ask Jesus, who didn’t let death be his setback. I’m not sure what quarter this game is in, but I know the game is not over!

Comebacks are not easy. They are difficult. But I’m convinced that God wants this church to comeback and be healthier, more effective, and reach more people than it has before. Comebacks are greater than setbacks!
But, how do I know God is creating a comeback for us? At least three reasons come to mind. First, the course I mentioned is giving me tremendous courage for the future. It’s helping me be able to equip you more.
Second, I was speaking with my mentor last week, and I told him I was having a hard time writing this report. As I look back, I still feel the pain of the setbacks. His response? “God has greatly protected you and the church this year. Many churches that have gone through what you’ve gone through have divided. Trust me, I know from experience. But God has helped you and prevented all that.” I truly needed to hear that. It was like a good coach pumping me up to get my head in the game.
Third, and most importantly, I believe we are about to experience a comeback, in part, because of our name change. I think it has created a new sense of excitement. I believe God has masterfully led us to the name Footprints Church. I was amazed to realize that when God changes a name, it comes with a promise. Could our promise involve a comeback? I think so! Over 90% of you voted in favor of the name change. I think that is a God thing! The process has been difficult, but we have sensed God guidance (footprints) in every step. Let’s go make footprints to our neighborhood. Let’s make footprints of prayer around the walls of the enemy. Let’s let God direct our steps, and paths. Let’s make footprints serving those in need.
God is WITH us. God is moving us forward. God is prepping us for a comeback. Let’s experience it together. And despite future setbacks, we can know that we are still in it to win it.
Comebacks Are Greater than Setbacks.
In His Steps,
Rev. Benjamin Moore
Lead Pastor, Pleasant View Church of the Nazarene

Over 1,000 people entered out doors for various reasons this last year.

Pleasant View Church

of the Nazarene

is becoming known as

Footprints Church

of the Nazarene

this summer!

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