This summer, Pleasant View will become known as


Honoring the past…

…moving to the future!

Many people have influenced us over the years, leaving amazing legacies. A name like “Footprints honors those legacies and motivates us to leave footprints in the present and for the future! Steve Green once sang, “May the footprints that we leave, inspire them to believe. May all who come behind us find us faithful. It’s time for us to leave new footprints in our neighborhood, state, nation, and world! (Acts 1:8)


As Peter so aptly demonstrated, stepping out in faith is scare.  God is asking us to be obedient with this new step.  We believe Kingdom opportunities will be gained with the name change, and we don’t want to lose those opportunities by resisting. 
The name “Pleasant View” has a feeling of complacency, while “Footprint” symbolizes movement, journeys, and action.  We want to  step out, move, and lead people to Jesus!

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in His steps. -1 Peter 2:21

Top reasons for Footprints

Numerous Scripture Connections
Who is following your footprints?
Conversations, Kids Ministry, Sermons, Marketing, Etc.

Why the name Footprints is a great choice

>> It’s unique!  Initial research indicates there is not another Footprints Church in North America
>> Every Footprint has a story.  It creates a sense of intrigue.
>> As kids follow in their parent’s shoes, Footprints conveys a multi-generational element.
>> Connects with  Pacific Northwest love of hiking.
>> With the name Footprints, people automatically associate the infamous poem and are reminded that Jesus is with them
>> It aligns well with our dream to create a walking path around the property.
>> Footprint connects easily in outreach events (like the Lost Children’s Booth).
>>  A secondary meaning of Footprints (building footprint, carbon footprint) suggests deep impact.  What impact will we leave in our neighborhood?

Name Changes and promises!

Historically, in the Bible, when God changes someone’s name, it is because of an encounter that brings about a new truth.  Every time God changes a name, he also bestows a promise!
Each time someone’s name was changed, they had to face fears and step forward in trust.  We have recently witnessed God’s guidance moving the church forward.  God has enabled us in giving, discipleship and our pursuit of Him.  He has challenged us to walk with others as they learn to trust and honor God; then help others as they pursue God.  Whatever God’s promise to this church is, it will be good, and we want to walk in it!