On Mondays, reflect on the message from the day before, and leave a comment on how God spoke to you.  

Holy Week Saturday

The secret is out.  No more hiding.  Joseph of Arimathea becomes ritually unclean on one of the biggest festival days.  But it doesn’t matter.  
This powerful eyewitness account is moving and challenging!
What stands out to you?  What impacts you?    How does Joseph’s wealth impact his life, his theology?  How are you like Joseph?  Comment below!  

Holy Week Friday


Courage.  Two men.  Neither had courage.  One was  a government official.  Another was a fisherman.  These eyewitness accounts  are crazy and compelling.  Both happened on Good Friday–early in the morning.  
But in the end, well, it’s not really the end. Their lack of courage is changed.  
What are your first impressions?  What stood out to you?  Is there a way you need to respond?  Please comment below with your thoughts!

Holy Week Thursday

Phillip talks to us about abiding in Christ and producing fruit.  
What stood out to you?  What do you need to prune from your life?  Are you producing fruit that glorifies God?  Comment below!  
(BONUS:  A great way to produce fruit is to mentor or be mentored.  Visit for more)

Holy Week Wednesday

When life goes different, when plans change.  When Jesus is different than what you hoped.  Are we willing to give up everything?  If not, are we really willing to give up even a little.  This powerful eyewitness story might just rock your world.  
What stood out to you the most?  Any lines jump out at you?  Is there anything you will do differently after watching this video?  Comment below!

Holy Week Tuesday

Feeling left out?  Feeling like your one step away from being part of the in group?  So did  Andrew…listen to his eyewitness account for a powerful message.  
And each of the stories make us ask, what’s our story?   What’s our role.  
What sticks out to you?  What meant the most to you?  How did you relate? 
Let us know your thoughts!

Holy Week Monday

Seven signs.  All point to Jesus being more than who he said he was.  And all offering the hope of life.  REAL life.  What sticks out to you while watching this video?  Comment below.

Holy Week Palm Sunday

I wonder what need can we fill?  It puts things in a unique perspective for sure.  What stood out to you about the video?    
Our song:  Hosanna, Praise is Rising
If you are dong EasterNow, has anything jumped out at you as you walk with Jesus the last week?  Put your comments below!


OT:  Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7
Psalm 32
NT:  Romans 5:12-19
Gospel:  Matthew 4:1-11
I was tempted.  One day after preaching a sermon on temptation, I was tempted.  (Not in a life altering way.)  Tami and I were running errands Monday morning, and stopped at the laundromat to wash some large blankets.  Tami said she wanted some Peanut Butter M&M’s.  So I walked to the Dollar Tree to pick her up some.



The Better Way
Old Testament: Genesis 39:1-5, 19-23
Psalm:  Psalm 23
New Testament:Revelations 21:1-7
Gospel:  Luke 15:25-32
Last week, we talked about 4 ways to approach God, that are dangerous:  Life Under God, Life Over God, Life From God, and Life For God. And as with God, approaching people with these is dangerous and could be abusive.
But there is a better way.  Life WITH God! 



OT:  Genesis 28:16-20
Psalm:  Psalm 18:30-26
NT:  2 Timothy 3:1-5
Gospel:  Luke 15:11-16
These four ways to approach God, while appearing to be good, lead to dangerous places. 



The Why becomes important!
OT: Joshua 4:-19
Psalm:  115:12-18
NT:  Hebrews 9:1-8
Gospel:  John 1:19-28
In Joshua 3 and 4, the story of reaching the goal, and stepping out in faith occurs.  Joshua is leading the people into the promised land.  But first…they have to cross the flooded Jordan River.  The priests take the ark of the covenant, and must step into the water.  When they do, the river is stopped upstream from them and the entire nation of Israel goes across on dry ground.



In It to Win It 4
Old Testament:  1 Samuel 17
Psalm 18:46-50
New Testament: 1 John 4:4-6
Gospel:  Mark 8:1-10
It’s a common story…used in sports, competitions, business and more.  David and Goliath.
But—what if this story is not about individuals as it is a community of faith?  The Israelites are a community of faith, called by God to posses the land.