On Mondays, reflect on the message from the day before, and leave a comment on how God spoke to you.  


The Better Way
Old Testament: Genesis 39:1-5, 19-23
Psalm:  Psalm 23
New Testament:Revelations 21:1-7
Gospel:  Luke 15:25-32
Last week, we talked about 4 ways to approach God, that are dangerous:  Life Under God, Life Over God, Life From God, and Life For God. And as with God, approaching people with these is dangerous and could be abusive.
But there is a better way.  Life WITH God! 



OT:  Genesis 28:16-20
Psalm:  Psalm 18:30-26
NT:  2 Timothy 3:1-5
Gospel:  Luke 15:11-16
These four ways to approach God, while appearing to be good, lead to dangerous places. 



The Why becomes important!
OT: Joshua 4:-19
Psalm:  115:12-18
NT:  Hebrews 9:1-8
Gospel:  John 1:19-28
In Joshua 3 and 4, the story of reaching the goal, and stepping out in faith occurs.  Joshua is leading the people into the promised land.  But first…they have to cross the flooded Jordan River.  The priests take the ark of the covenant, and must step into the water.  When they do, the river is stopped upstream from them and the entire nation of Israel goes across on dry ground.



In It to Win It 4
Old Testament:  1 Samuel 17
Psalm 18:46-50
New Testament: 1 John 4:4-6
Gospel:  Mark 8:1-10
It’s a common story…used in sports, competitions, business and more.  David and Goliath.
But—what if this story is not about individuals as it is a community of faith?  The Israelites are a community of faith, called by God to posses the land.



OT: Exodus 20:12-17
Psalm: Psalm 146:1-10
New Testament: James 2:14-20
Gospel: Matthew 19:16-22

In It To Win It #3
Last week, we looked at  Gideon, who along with 300 others wasn’t going to let fear, odds, or even a drink of water keep them from victory.  This week, we look at one person, who let his circumstances and what keep him from the kingdom. 



In It to Win It
OT: Judges 6:11-19
Psalm: Psalm 33:16-22
New Testament: Ephesians 1:17-21
Gospel:  Mark 10:17-23
This week we looked at Gideon.  Several things stuck out at me in the full passage of Judges 6 & 7.  I find it interesting that the Angel of the Lord comes to Gideon and says “The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior.”   But Gideon didn’t want to be that