Step 2

Was it difficult to choose 3 in step 1?
What was your criteria for picking the three?  Things we must do?  Things we’ve always done?  The best things we do?  Things that should go?
Now the tougher question–how do the things you picked display the rhythms of discipleship?  Is listening, restoring, resting, blessing, and celebrating at play in the three you chose?  Comment below by telling your pick and then how you see these things at work?
After doing that, imagine that you were going to be deserted on an island.  You could only keep 3 of the things on the list.  NO MORE.  Would it change your responses?  (No, we aren’t going to “simplify” to doing only 3 things.  It’s just an exercise to get us thinking about what’s important and why we do what we do.)   Think on it.  Tomorrow we’ll be asking if it might change.

6 Responses to “Step 2”

  1. Sonia says:

    I’ll do my first choices.
    Come See-comes close to meeting the five criteria Rest in His Presence also comes close. Missionary Nights also comes close and adds learning to the list. Looking at the whole list–Nothing should go. As for being stranded on a deserted island, I’d want my Bible and Sunday A.M. Worship Service.

  2. Cheis Corbett says:

    Actually I don’t have one concrete reason for my selections. I selected the morning worship service because, as worship leader, I’m more invested in the service and therefore feel a responsibility to maintain and improve the worship aspect.
    I selected the men’s breakfast because I miss them and am glad Jody is starting them up again. I
    Selected Kidz Kamp because I participate in that and feel it’s a great outreach.

  3. Nancy Martinez says:

    Sunday worship helps restore believers, blesses both God and worshiper, celebrates Gods love and gives rest to despairing hearts.
    Come See is time of sharing, restoration, encouragment, celebrating with each other in an informal and comfortable, nonjudgmental atmosphere. These two picks help to strengthen our faith and if we can be comfortable speaking our hearts to friends, we can become bold and courageous when sharing with those seeking truth.
    Bible Study helps us learn Gods word, how to apply it to my life and then makes us better equipped to disciple, more able to share the word when we know and believe Gods truth

  4. Susan M Anderson says:

    Worship, yes all is present. Worship we use our body, minds and souls. We listen, rest and praise as we sing.

    Sunday School, youth are learning how to study God’s word and use what we learn in today’s living. There is listening, restoring and praise and celebrations that they find.

    Youth with youth? They learn to work together. They get to see the blessings of their impact with each other. Celebrate with each other and relax with friends.

    Thinks! A little hard. Picking 3 only ☹️. Teaching youth to disciple and live for God is teaching our next generation who can teach the children. I would include children and focus on people, because you can worship and learn with those who are with you on the island.

  5. Vonnie Sheadel says:

    sorry I’m too late 🙁
    It was easy. The things that worship God and do the most to lead people to a life with Him in it.

  6. Vonnie Sheadel says:

    If I was on an island. Yes, I would change my choice to more self-centered criteria. Worship and prayer meeting.

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