Step 2

Was it difficult to choose 3 in step 1?
What was your criteria for picking the three?  Things we must do?  Things we’ve always done?  The best things we do?  Things that should go?
Now the tougher question–how do the things you picked display the rhythms of discipleship?  Is listening, restoring, resting, blessing, and celebrating at play in the three you chose?  Comment below by telling your pick and then how you see these things at work?
After doing that, imagine that you were going to be deserted on an island.  You could only keep 3 of the things on the list.  NO MORE.  Would it change your responses?  (No, we aren’t going to “simplify” to doing only 3 things.  It’s just an exercise to get us thinking about what’s important and why we do what we do.)   Think on it.  Tomorrow we’ll be asking if it might change.

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